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"In August 1998, after Cook denied the Qadhafi Plot, many people thought I was a fantasist. It is good to now be vindicated. This whole episode highlights the complete lack of democratic accountability in this country. I hope those who ignored me are now honourable enough to apologise to me and to make amends by ensuring that in future ministers are not allowed to collude with the intelligence services to cover up a murder plot.

"All those who ignored my evidence, including MPs and in particular, the parliamentary intelligence and security committee, now look negligent and foolish. They failed to uphold the rule of law. In doing so, they sided with a suspected murderer in the Establishment rather than listen to the evidence of a public-spirited whistleblower. They should not compound their shame by continuing to refuse to investigate my evidence.

"I was in prison when Cook said the Qadhafi Plot was "pure fantasy". I'm sure he did it to support the British government's extradition application against me so I could be returned to England for trial without the public or parliament knowing that I was telling the truth about the Qadhafi Plot. If either Cook or Blair had a scrap of honour, they would resign forthwith." - David Shayler, Feb 16, 2000

War Without End, Talk online about September 11 and the subsequent War on Terror in an uncensored British forum covering the issues that the media avoid. News, views, controversy, evidence and more. Totally free registration and use of all facilities. No personal information is required to register.

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